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Polarguide David Berg
David Berg
Publiziert: Mittwoch, den 28. Mai 2014

Die Polar-Kreuzfahrten Guides stellen sich vor

Heute: David Berg

Name: David Berg
Year of birth: 1987
Place of birth: Sweden
Place of residence: Expedition
Infected by the polar virus on: Was born with it

When did you have your first job as an expedition guide and on which ship?

2012 Ocean Nova

Meeting a polar bear for the first time in his natural habitat… When did it happen to you and what did you think and feel?

Winter 2010 on Svalbard I Saw my first Polarbear and My feelings was just: FINALLY!!

Do you have a great experience travelling with Polar-Kreuzfahrten/PolarQuest that especially stayed in your mind? If so what happened? If not – is there an experience that you dream off?

SO many good experiences…..Lots of Polar Bears, Bluewhales next to the ship, High waves in the Drake. Take your pick

Which of your manifold duties during the cruise do you like best?


Do you think the small group and the familiar atmosphere on board MV Quest do bring advantages for your work? And for our guests?

Yes small groups are always to prefer

Preparing for it

What’s your family’s opinion on your sometimes a little dangerous job?

My twin brother does the same thing so at least they will get one of us back

Apart from Spitsbergen: Which destinations are you especially keen on? Are there regions on earth you don’t know yet but you would love to visit one day?

I Love Greenland.

There are many places I haven’t visit but Polar Regions Rules!!

Finally very brief in one word: An expedition cruise to Spitsbergen with Polar-Kreuzfahrten/PolarQuest is …?


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