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Gletschereis für den Drink
© Andreas Bergström
Publiziert: Montag, den 02. Juni 2014

Die Polar-Kreuzfahrten Guides stellen sich vor

Heute: Andreas Bergström
Name: Andreas Bergström
Year of birth: 1975
Place of birth: Uppsala, Sweden
Place of residence: Stockholm, Sweden
Infected by the polar virus on: Tarfala Research Station, Sweden
Focal points regarding the arctic: Biology, glaciology, human impact

When did you have your first job as an expedition guide and on which ship?

I started working on Svalbard in june 2008 as a expedition guide on the Nordstiernen

Meeting a polar bear for the first time in his natural habitat… When did it happen to you and what did you think and feel?

It wasn´t as dramatic as you might think…it was kind of a bad sighting actually, a white dot in the horizon maybe 5 km away. BUT the great thing was that I found it myself. Not everybody on a cruise ship are that lucky, finding your first polar bear yourself!

Do you have a great experience travelling with Polar-Kreuzfahrten/PolarQuest that especially stayed in your mind? If so what happened? If not – is there an experience that you dream off?

Gegenseitige Beobachtungen

Once, in the far north of Svalbard, we came across a huge amount of walruses, may be 400 of them. As we watched them from the Zodiac, a Polar Bear came from out of nowhere, trying to catch one of the young walrus cubs. Panic arose, and the steaming pile of these enormous animals started to move towards the sea. The Polar Bear had no luck hunting that time, but it was an amazing sighting for us! One thing I would love to see is a Snowy Owl, but I havn´t managed to see it yet. Maybe this season…

Which of your manifold duties during the cruise do you like best?

Exploring the fjords and glaciers by Zodiak.

Do you think the small group and the familiar atmosphere on board MV Quest do bring advantages for your work? And for our guests?

For sure it is a good size ship, that can take us a lot of places, with the advantage of not being too many people. This also makes landings and Zodiak operations smooth!

What do you do when you’re actually not accompanying an expedition cruise?

For work I also go on research expeditions or work on a research station, working with collecting data, safety and logistics, mostly in the Polar regions. When I have time off I try to stay at home in Scandinavia as much as possible doing mountaineering or other adventures in the nature.

What’s your family’s opinion on your sometimes a little dangerous job?

They are gitting used to it! Safety is my biggest concern when working in the Arctic so it is actually not that dangerous if you play your cards right.

Apart from Spitsbergen: Which destinations are you especially keen on? Are there regions on earth you don’t know yet but you would love to visit one day?

I love going to northern Norway (Lofoten and the surrounding areas). I have never been to North America yet, so I would love to go to Alaska and Canada one day.

Finally very brief in one word: An expedition cruise to Spitsbergen with Polar-Kreuzfahrten/PolarQuest is …?

A unique experience where we visit a remote and beautiful part of our planet. And maybe take a moment to ponder upon how humans are changing this fragile environment and how we can make a change when we get back home.

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