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Publiziert: Donnerstag, den 10. Juli 2014

Die Polar-Kreuzfahrten Guides stellen sich vor

Name: Axel Broman
Year of birth: 1977
Place of residence: Göteborg, Sweden
Infected by the polar virus on: Vassijaure, northern Sweden 1987.
Focal points regarding the arctic: History

When did you have your first job as an expedition guide and on which ship?

On M/S Stockholm in 2009.

Meeting a polar bear for the first time in his natural habitat… When did it happen to you and what did you think and feel?

It was in Svalbard in 2007. I had to pinch my arm telling myself that I was not dreaming but actually watching a live, free and healthy Polar bear in its natural habitat. That same feeling is still there with every Polar Bear I see in the wild, although I have seen a few since that first one.

Axel ist begeisterter

Do you have a great experience travelling with Polar-Kreuzfahrten/PolarQuest that especially stayed in your mind? If so what happened? If not – is there an experience that you dream off?

Spectacular wildlife encounters never cease to impress me. But oftentimes the most dramatic moments, in all their simplicity, are when you find a beautiful place with a nice view and just sit down for a couple of minutes taking in the scenery and digesting all your impressions. If you are lucky enough to do this on a perfectly calm day you will experience almost absolute silence.

Which of your manifold duties during the cruise do you like best?

To watch when passengers who have seen their first Polar Bear, for many a dream come true, slowly begin to see and appreciate all the other aspects of the Arctic; the glaciers, the mountains, the shifting colours of the ice, the beauty of the tiny flowers crouching on the barren tundra…

Do you think the small group and the familiar atmosphere on board MV Quest do bring advantages for your work? And for our guests?

Group sizes on MV Quest are a golden compromise; Big enough to find like-minded people but small enough to maintain a familiar atmosphere.

With 5 guides there is also the option of splitting into smaller groups on landings, dividing into short, medium and long hikes.

And perhaps most importantly, MV Quest is big enough to house us all safely and comfortably but small enough to take us to places which bigger ships cannot reach due to their size and draught.

What do you do when you’re actually not accompanying an expedition cruise?

I work at the PolarQuest office in Göteborg, Sweden, taking care of guide related issues. When not at work I break my back – smiling from ear to ear – taking care of the 19 century farm on the countryside that my wife and I just bought.

Wann packt Sie der „Polarvirus“?

What’s your family’s opinion on your sometimes a little dangerous job?

My wife is an officer on an icebreaker so she knows what it is like working in the Polar Regions. Besides, safety always comes first on our expedition cruises, and if ever in doubt we abort plan A and skip to equally exciting but safer Plan B. So far plan E is my personal record!

Apart from Spitsbergen: Which destinations are you especially keen on? Are there regions on earth you don’t know yet but you would love to visit one day?

Coming to Greenland after a couple of seasons working on Svalbard was fantastic. The smaller amount of wildlife relative to Spitsbergen was more than compensated for by the absolutely breathtaking landscape and huge icebergs.

Antarctica is a dream destination of mine.

Finally very brief in one word: An expedition cruise to Spitsbergen with Polar-Kreuzfahrten/PolarQuest is …?

Addictive! (Be forewarned.)

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